DJ Alkemy's decking sessions #1

Here's the first video from what will be an ongoing series. I've always enjoyed live versions of tracks, especially Hip-Hop, as it can give the track another dimension, a totally different feel to the recorded version. I wanted a no frills environment, with as little after effects as possible on the recording. I want people to get a genuine live feel of the track. This is the decking area, right outside where I make all my beats, so what better place to run a YouTube live series from eh?. 

I first heard Nephilim's music around 8 or so years ago, when I was part of The Hold Up radio show. We played a few tracks from his "Partly Fledged" album, which is a great album BTW. I always wanted to collab with him, and when the time was right, we done just that on "King of the Meek". Fast forward 6 years, and we have finished "King of the Meek 2", so decided to film a live version of "It's all Real", to give people a feel for what we have in store on the full release.

It was a no brainer to get my good friend Mike Dennis on board, as the track heavily features a violin sample, and he's one of the finest violinists/rappers/musicians the UK has to offer, plus, he's a diamond guy too. Mike Dennis is a classically-trained violinist with a lifelong passion for beats and rhymes. He's currently working on his "Fiddlesticks" EP, with an anticipated release by the end of 2023. Keep up with him at:

Spotify - YouTube - Instagram - Facebook

** I get so consumed with making music, that I very rarely promote it effectively. It's the cardinal sin an absolute ton of independent artists make. So, with that in mind, why not subscribe to my YouTube channel?, as I will be uploading quite a bit of material on there from here on in. Also, don't be anonymous. Drop a comment, say hi, share the video. There's enough things in the world to get angry/sad at, at least music is a uniting force. 

Genuinely, thank you for checking out the video/page, and hopefully I'll see a lot of you on the next one, peace!

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