Boomtown Promo Mix (mixed and cut up by DJ Jabbathakut)

To celebrate myself and Pun Ra (Applied Science) getting the opportunity to play at Boomtown 2022 (thanks to Bard Picasso record label), I enlisted regular collaborator and, UK Hip-Hop turntable legend, DJ Jabbathakut, to mix and scratch a bunch of my favourite productions. It’s a free download too. Hope you enjoy. Salute!.



01: Nephilim & DJ Alkemy: Scatterbrain

02: DW Smith: Fenrir

03: Empuls: Emergency Metrics

04: Mise en Garde: Repo Men (Cuts by Jabbathakut)

05: DJ Alkemy: Loogie (Feat Pun Ra, Shark, Ke Turner, Dephchyld, Empuls, Es, Prowess The Testament & The Bad Seed) (Cuts by Jabbathakut)

06: DJ Alkemy: Mi Amor (feat. Edison Av, Empuls, Philly Regs, Mike Dennis & DJ Jabbathakut)

07: Fire Team Alpha: Ambrosia

08: Mise en Garde: Whiskey Bars (feat. Jabbathakut)

09: Mise en Garde: Witching Hour

10: Blue City CDF: Bully (Feat. Risk1)

11: DJ Alkemy: Fearless (feat. Empuls & Copywrite)

12: DJ Alkemy: Stank (feat. Fire Team Alpha)

13: DJ Alkemy, Empuls & Shark: Better Than You (Cuts by Jabbathakut)

14: Wasp-18b: Walk In Dead (Feat Shark)

15: DJ Alkemy: Something Beautiful (Feat Adilson Evora & Kain Slim)

16: DJ Alkemy & Kerry Georgina: Fool’s Paradise (Feat Melo)

17: Applied Science: Dead Broke & Blue

18: Shark & DJ Alkemy: One Day

19: Wasp-18b: Older System (feat. DJ Jabbathakut)

20: Applied Science: Looney Tunes

21: Dephchyld: Smoke & Lasers/DJ Alkemy: Cloud Surfing (feat. Mic Bles)

22: DJ Alkemy: Swerve (feat. Fire Team Alpha & DJ Jabbathakut)

23: Wasp-18b: Do Not Feed (Feat BeWill)

24: Applied Science: Hell Yeah (Introducing Knights Of Hell)

25: Applied Science: Fuck You, Pay Me

26: DJ Alkemy: Trust Me (Feat Trademark Blud)

27: Nephilim: King of the Meek

28: DJ Alkemy: Make Em Clap (Feat Iffthen)

29: Wasp-18b: Collateral Damage

30: Wasp-18b: The Impetus Outpost

31: Wasp-18b: Kemtrails (Cuts by Killatom)

32: Mise en Garde: Molly Ringworm (Feat Nomadic) (Cuts by Jabbathakut)

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