Hip-Hop has brought me into contact with people all over the globe. Different cultures, backgrounds,
races, religions. Hip-Hop has no boundaries. This is a collection of tracks made between 2014-2017
with artists from the US, Canada & Europe.

Artists are as follows:

BeSpoken (Barry, Wales, UK), KwyitStorm (Trenton, New Jersey, US), Rugged Method (Salt Lake City, Utah, US), Boogie Waters (Miami, Florida, US), Sam Stokes (Fareham, England, UK), Tommy Chonged (Brighton, England, UK/Hong Kong), Trademark Blud (Telford, England, UK), D. Cure (Estes Park, Colorado, US), Adilson & Kane Slim (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Clefto (San Jacinto, California, US), Mic Bles (Oxnard, California, US), Mickey Boston (Montreal, Canada), Rude D (Almere-Stad, Flevoland, Netherlands), Iffthen (Seattle, Washington, US), Shark (Ontario, Canada)



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