DW Smith
Single: Grotesque (2022)

Applied Science
Single: Come Own (2021)

DJ Alkemy
Single: Fearless (feat. Empuls & Copywrite) (2021)

DJ Alkemy
Single: Swerve (feat. Fire Team Alpha & DJ Jabbathakut) (2021)

Mise en Garde
Single: Send the Goons (feat. DJ Jaffa) (2021)

Single: Older System (feat. DJ Jabbathakut) (2021)

DJ Alkemy
Single: Mi Amor (feat. Edison Av, Empuls, Philly Regs, Mike Dennis & DJ Jabbathakut (2021)

DJ Alkemy
Single: In the Morning (feat. Just Conrad) (2021)

DJ Alkemy
Single: Stank (feat. Fire Team Alpha) (2021)

Dephchyld & DJ Alkemy
Single: Skyscrapers (2021)


Mise en Garde
Album: Marginal Protection (2021)

Track(s): Full album

Mise en Garde
Single: Witching Hour (2021)

Blue City CDF
Album: Into the Void (2021)

Track: Bully

Dick Dastardly
Album: Great Ape Fist (2021)

Track: Words

DJ Alkemy
Single: Loogie (feat. Pun Ra, Shark, Ke Turner, Dephchyld, Empuls, Ese, Prowess The Testament & Bad Seed) (2021)

DJ Alkemy
Album: Connect the Dots, Vol. 1 (2021)

Track(s): Full album

DJ Alkemy
Single: Something Beautiful (feat. Adilson Evora & Kain Slim) (2021)

DJ Alkemy
Single: Cloud Surfing (feat. Mic Bles) (2021)

Fire Team Alpha
Album: Lit (2020)

Track: Ambrosia

Album: Hohmann Transfer (2020)

Track(s): Full album

Single: Do Not Feed (2020)

Mise en Garde
Album: Disposable Hopefuls (2020)

Track(s): Full album

Mise en Garde
Single: Repo Men (2020)

Album: Darwin Take the Wheel (2020)

Track: Emergency Metrics

DJ Alkemy & Kerry Georgina
Album: Fools Paradise (2020)

Track(s): Full album

DW Smith
Album: Edda (2020)

Track: Fenrir

DJ Alkemy
Single: Warlords (feat. Tha Soloist, Broadway Joe Baggs, Shako Speel, Dephchyld, Edison Av, Empuls, Bobby Craves & Shark) (Cuts by Jabbathakut) (2020)

DJ Alkemy, Empuls & Shark
EP: Delusions are Grandeur (2020)

Track(s): Full EP

Album: Fully Loaded (2019)

Track(s): Smoke and Lasers, God Tier, Fully Loaded

The Microphone Misfitz
Album: Escape from Babylon Volume 4 (2019)

Track: Power Pen

Shark & DJ Alkemy
Album: A Big Fish in a Bigger Pond (2019)

Track(s): Full album

The Scribes
Album: QEV Bonus Tracks (2019)

Track: Righteous (DJ Alkemy Remix)

Album: Mechanism of Action (2019)

Track(s): Full album

Mike Dennis
Album: Edge in Wordways (2018)

Track: Running out of Things to Say

Father Focus Confucius
Album: Volcano (2018)

Track: Magnum

Squires Da Gem
Album: Flat Circle (2018)

Track(s): Wngr, Time and Space

Single: Futile Feud (2017)

Turna Phrase
Album: Otherworld (2017)

Track: Future Proof

Applied Science
Album: We and the Devil (2017)

Track(s): Full album

Album: King of the Meek (2017) (Released digitally in 2021)

Track(s): Full album

Joe Dirt
Album: Barrydockalypse (2017)

Track: Bazzra

Album: 303 (2016)

Track: Back Track

Single: The Jewel (2016)

Red Dragon Gang
Album: South Wales State of Mind (2016)

Track: Ill Shit

Album: Escape the Comfort Zone (2016)

Track(s): The Realisation, My Era.

DW Smith
Album: Black Rainbow (2015)

Track: Tales from the Wasteland

Rob Kelly
EP: Kel Perro (2014)

Track: Kingpin

Applied Science
Album: Booze, Blues & Hip-Hop (2014)

Track(s): Full album



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